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sound editor, designer, engineer

Few Words about Me

foto Jef Kratochvil

I was born in Czech Republic where I´m still living.

Since 1994 I compose music as professional. I act as composer, producer, arranger, multi-instrumentalist, sound editor, sound designer and sound engineer. I own a small recording studio. I also act as choirmaster, music teacher and theatre actor. I work on Czech leading theatres, I work with Czech leading artists – Bolek Polívka, Peter Lipa, Ondřej Ruml, Hana Holišová, Dodo Gombár, Jakub Nvota…


Experinces follows:


I write music for theatre and film, I write songs and advertisment music too. As regards genre I´m not settled. I write contemporary and classical music too, from symphonic oratorio through pop to rap and genre fusion.

  • I´ve written music for more than 100 theater performances (often including interpretation, arrangement, recording production, mix and sound design)
  • music for 4 full-lenght films, 3 TV drama and TV series pilot
  • music, sound edit and sounddesign for 3 short-lenght films and 8 documentary films
  • symphonic oratorio „I, Job!“
  • 6 authorial albums (available on cd, mp3) composition and production (accessible on my czech web)
  • 2 radiostation and 3 tv station sound equipment (jingles, breaks,signature tunes)
  • radio and TV advertisment – more than 500 tunes
  • theme songs, signature tunes (web, tv, radio, events, sporting teams…)
  • music for more than 50 promotive films
  • music for music groups of different genres (roc, pop, chanson)
  • compositions for brass instruments beginners
  • music trasnscription for piano, guitar, choir


  • 5 authorial albums
  • film and theater performance music production
  • pop group „Ahoy“
  • multilingual guides for two czech castles


  • all my music arrangements
  • Zapomenutý příběh (warner music) orchestration and arrangement
  • music adaptation, arrangement, orchestration and staging production of musicals Hair, Cabaret and Limonádová Joe

Sound editor, sound engineeer, sound design

  • I own small fully equipped studio suitabe for soloist and small group recording, mixing, postproduction and sound design
  • edit, mix and postproduction of 5 documentaries
  • recording, editing and productuin of multilinguan guides (13 languages) for 2 czech castles
  • music, editing and mix for 3 short-lenght stream films
  • childrens series „Krysáci“ postsync


I play piano, guitar, bassguitar (incl. fretless), bassbalalajka, ukulete, flute, harmonica, drums (set, cajon, djembe, darbuka), percussion, balaphon, calimba, fujara, koncovka, hurdy-gurdy. I own most of these instruments and play´em live and in studio. I play and sing live solo and with group, conduct the choir.


  • School of art – piano
  • popmusic arranging and composition – Josef Audes
  • Technical university Brno – software engineering


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